AGCRA Membership – Did You Know?

AGCRA Membership – Did You Know?

AGCRA Teammates,

Time for another “Did You Know” from the AGCRA.
Did you know the cost for an AGCRA membership is $2.50 or less a month for either a Standard or Junior two- and four-year membership.
To put this in perspective, this is less than the cost of one regular value meal at any popular fast-food restaurant across America. It is less than the cost of one standard-size pizza.

The average retail prices for basic food staples according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics follow (prices are much higher in various OCONUS locations):

Box of Cereal – $3.27
Loaf of Bread – $2.50
Eggs, Large, One Dozen – $4.82
Ground 100% Beef (Chuck) per Pound – $4.64
One Pound of Chocolate Chip Cookies – $5.08
Chicken Breast Boneless per Pound – $4.38
Milk, Whole, One Gallon – $4.02
Ice cream prepackaged Half-Gallon – $5.80
Potato Chips per 16 oz. – $6.23
Coffee 100% Ground per Pound – $6.38
Orange Juice, Frozen Concentrate per 16 oz. – $2.82

The average energy costs (again from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), will vary depending on where you live and buy fuel:

One Gallon of Unleaded Gas – $3.42.
One Gallon Diesel Fuel – $4.68.

Did You Know?

AG Balls and Chapter Breakfasts & Luncheons are sponsored by the AGCRA. These events provide the greatest benefit of all by providing opportunities for AG/HR professionals to come together as part of the respective local AG/HR Community at Large to share, laugh, reunite, and learn from other AG/HR professionals. Arguably, it would be difficult to put a price on this.

The cost of an AGCRA membership is not much and it is kept this way by design to benefit our members. All AGCRA members and AG/HR professional nonmembers need to know this, SO PLEASE PASS THE WORD.

Membership at a cost less than a fast food value meal is worth the lifelong gains of connecting and staying connected with fellow AG/HR professionals. We need you to tell our story and bring fellow AG/HR professionals into the AGCRA, it will be worth it.

Shields Up! Defend and Serve!

Rob Manning, AG Soldier for Life!