AGCRA Fountain City Chapter Hosts the Association President

AGCRA Fountain City Chapter Hosts the Association President

On November 16, 2023, the 30th AG Battalion hosted the AGCRA Fountain City Chapter’s November meeting on Fort Moore, GA. The Chapter celebrated its rebranding with the renaming of the Chapter from the Fort Benning Chapter to the Fountain City Chapter in honor of Columbus, GA.

The Chapter had a celebratory cake and was honored with a presentation delivered by COL (Ret) Robert L. Manning, AGCRA President.

COL (Ret) Rob Manning, AGCRA President, arrives at the Fountain City Chapter gathering on November 16, 2023, with LTC Kyle Fails, the 30th AG Battalion Commander.

CPT Bianca Apuya, Fountain City Chapter President, and COL (Ret) Manning cut the first piece of the Chapter's ceremonial cake.

COL (Ret) Manning with CSM Kenyon Simmons, the 30th AG Battalion CSM.

COL (Ret) Manning tells his AG Story to the Fountain City Chapter members and also discusses the lifelong benefits of being an AGCRA member.

CPT Apuya presents COL (Ret) Manning with the new Fountain City Chapter t-shirt as a token of appreciation for his visit.

CPT Gonzalez, stationed at Fort Moore with the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (1SFAB) is a graduate of the University of South Florida. What a coincidence, so is COL (Ret) Manning... Go Bulls!

Hoo-Ah AGCRA Fountain City Chapter!