AG School Commandant Sends

AG School Commandant Sends

Greetings AG Soldiers!

In this edition of my 'Commandant Sends', I would like to thank each of you for leading IPPS-A implementation, highlight Training with Industry (TWI) opportunities, pass on a few reminders for AG School reporting/training requirements, and our upcoming AG Week in June.

As we progress with IPPS-A and other HR modernization efforts, which enables our Corps to support the Army of the future, you are making a difference. IPPS-A hands-on expertise increases each day, with a functional system of record, and your leadership is needed to support your Commanders in executing actions within the system. Our teams here at the AG School and the IPPS-A Team are always available to support and assist with training.

In continued support of IPPS-A and the drive for a Data-Centric Army of the future, I would like to highlight a great program available to a few of our AG WOs and CPTs – Training with Industry (TWI). This broadening assignment as defined in DA-PAM 600-3 and 600-25 allows a select group of young leaders the chance to work with corporate partners and develop a unique set of skills that will benefit Army modernization efforts for the future. Each year, the AG Corps is given a limited number of assignments for this program. These positions are highly competitive and visible to the most senior leaders in our Corps. After completing a one-year integration with a corporation, the selected individuals will be sent to a follow-on utilization assignment to put their newly developed skills towards supporting modernization such as working for the DA-G1, HRC supporting the IPPS-A program, or teaching and developing future training at the AG School, Fort Jackson.  A few slots, specifically for branch-qualified Captains, are currently open and available. One will work with Wells Fargo in Minneapolis, Minnesota; the second position is with UPS in Atlanta, Georgia. I encourage any 42B AG Captain that has completed or is about to complete their key developmental (KD) / branch qualifying assignment to apply for these broadening assignments. These TWI critical assignments will help our Corps and Army acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities to support the Army of the future. TWI participants will have the opportunity to communicate with key stakeholders and senior leadership to share their experiences and what they’ve learned.  If you are interested, please contact HRC AG Branch and speak with your Career Manager about the TWI program.

We would like to remind inbound students headed to the AG School (AGS) about the reporting requirements for training.  For our NCOs and CPTs, you must complete distance learning (DL) BEFORE arriving for Non-commissioned Officer Advanced and Senior Leader, and Captains Career Courses. This DL essential task is a prerequisite to start on day one of resident training. Also, Army Standards are enforced and you are expected to meet height and weight standards, in compliance with AR 670-1 and have a completed ACFT.  Bring your issued field gear and equipment. Do not send your gear to the next duty assignment ahead of you as you will need it while attending school.  As we focus on training in a LSCO environment, most AGS courses will require field training, so pack your gear when heading to school.

Lastly, we are busy finalizing our AG Week for 12-15 June 2023.  We expect outstanding Senior AG Leader participation across all COMPOs. This will be a great opportunity to connect with our larger AG HR enterprise to discuss initiatives to Acquire, Develop, Employ, and Retain AG Talent for the future as well as share updates on the state of the AG Corps.

Defend and Serve!  COL Chesley D. Thigpen, Jr., 36th Chief of the Adjutant General’s Corps and Commandant, Adjutant General School