AG Corps HOF & DMOC Classes of 2024

AG Corps HOF & DMOC Classes of 2024

AG Corps HOF Class of 2024

MG (Ret) Marcia M. Anderson served our Army for 37-years in a diverse range of assignments, culminating as Deputy Chief of the United States Army Reserve.  Her technical expertise, innovative thinking, and leadership epitomize the proud heritage of the Adjutant General’s Corps.

She advised the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of the Army Reserve (CAR) on policies and programs for the Army Reserve, including force structure, congressional budget, appropriations process, manpower development, and personnel policies. She also worked on the CAR’s “Continuum of Service” project. This all-inclusive project addressed the Reserve and Guard's integral role in the fight by modifying regulations to meet employers’ needs, support duty statuses, medical care, and military career progression.

MG (Ret) Anderson continues to serve in retirement. She is a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) and was an Army Reserve Ambassador. She utilizes her AG competencies, civilian experience, civic leadership, and influence to advise and support Army leaders and promote the interests of our Armed Forces. MG (Ret) Anderson has been/is a member of community boards including Access Community Health, the United Way, and the Green Bay Packers Executive Committee and Board of Directors. She is also a sponsor for the U. S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship USS Beloit (LCS-29).

MG (Ret) Joseph R. Calloway ended his 37-year Army career as the Commanding General, Human Resources Command (HRC).  He excelled in many of the toughest jobs in the Army, including Director of Military Personnel Management (DMPM), Director, Officer Personnel Management Directorate (OPMD), and Chief, General Officer Management Office (GOMO).

During the COVID pandemic, MG (Ret) Calloway’s direction was integral to the Army’s human resources successes.  In a time of great uncertainty, an unprecedented volume of revolutionary changes to our promotion, selection, and assignment processes, and with a dispersed workforce, his positive leadership and calmness under pressure helped the Army navigate an extremely challenging period in our history.

At every level, MG (Ret) Calloway made a difference in the Army's readiness, the welfare of his teams, and the positive reputation of the Adjutant General’s Corps. He understood the regulations, policies, and procedures and used them as a guide in working tirelessly with AG teammates and other Army leaders to take the best possible care of units, Soldiers, and Families across our Army.

BG (Ret) James T. Iacocca concluded his 30+ year military career as the 60th The Adjutant General of the Army (TAG).  As the TAG, he oversaw multiple successful initiatives, including fielding the new OER, NCOER, and AER.

Whether working within the Special Operations Community, Recruiting Command, the Joint Staff, or as a Paratrooper, BG (Ret) Iacocca was known for his moral character, selfless service, and loyalty to the Army and the AG Corps.  He deployed multiple times, including Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Hurricane Andrew Disaster Relief, and both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

While serving as Commander, 3rd Recruiting Brigade, his was the only brigade to implement "Team Recruiting".  This concept, coupled with his leadership, helped the brigade consistently meet its recruiting mission.

BG (Ret) Iacocca continues to serve in his retired status. In October 2020, he was appointed a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) for the state of Kentucky. He was also a board member for the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

COL (Ret) Louis O. Henkel contributed over 40-years combined military and DA civilian service supporting the United States Army and the Adjutant General’s Corps.

His military service encompassed notable assignments including G-1, 3d Infantry Division (Mech); Commander, 95th AG Battalion; and Deputy Director, Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD), Human Resources Command (HRC). Following retirement, COL (Ret) Henkel became a DA Civilian, serving again as the Deputy Director, EPMD for over 12 years.

While serving in HRC, COL (Ret) Henkel was instrumental in transitioning EPMD from the Military District of Washington to Fort Knox, KY; sustaining enlisted force readiness through unrelenting end strength growth and drawdown periods; and delivering manning initiatives like Life Cycle and the Sustained Readiness Model.

COL (Ret) Henkel served in every facet of the Army AG community, from G-1, Commander, to Deputy Director, in the operational and institutional Army. He executed exemplary HR support for the Army’s Soldiers and their Families. He also sustained an unprecedented level of confidence with the leaders across the commands he served, allowing him to move personnel support to the forefront of Army operations.

COL (Ret) Philip A. McNair’s distinguished 26+ year Army career culminated as the Executive Officer to the Army G-1 and was followed by 12 years at the American Military University.

Throughout his career, COL (Ret) McNair was noted for his technical expertise, common sense, and ability to counsel and guide senior leaders to ensure the personnel readiness of combat units was at the highest levels. His mastery and knowledge of the Army's myriad personnel management systems was without equal. Key assignments included Commander, 556th Personnel Services Company, 25th Infantry Division (Light); Commander, 101st Personnel Services Battalion, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault); Chief, Adjutant General’s Branch, Officer Personnel Management Directorate; and Chief, Enlisted Distribution Division, U.S. Army Personnel Command.

For his actions following the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11, COL (Ret) McNair received the Soldiers Medal and Purple Heart. After the plane crashed into the Army G1 offices, he calmly led others to safety and, risking his life, he returned multiple times into the burning and collapsing section of the Pentagon to save trapped personnel. His quick actions to re-station many of the Army G-1 personnel throughout the Military District of Washington (MDW) and his counsel to senior leaders allowed the Army G-1 to regain full operational capability within 36 hours.

CSM (Ret) Wardell Jefferson’s 32 years of service were characterized by selfless service, professionalism, and dedication to mission accomplishment.

His hard work and sterling reputation led to his selection for multiple challenging and demanding billets, including Commandant, 7th Army NCO Academy; CSM, Human Resources Command; and the Army G-1 Sergeant Major.

CSM (Ret) Jefferson played a pivotal role in the complete overhaul of the NCO professional development model.  His involvement in NCO Strategy 2020 and the modernization of the NCOER set the foundation for the future of NCO talent management. As the Army G-1 SGM, he helped develop processes and procedures related to some of the most challenging policies, including Talent Management, Transgender Service, the Occupational Physical Readiness Test, and the accession of non-citizen recruits. He was frequently called upon to brief congressional committee members and international military delegations, and to serve as the Army’s senior representative on Army senior leader panels.

Throughout his distinguished career, CSM (Ret) Jefferson made an enduring and positive impact on the AG Corps and the Army.

AG Corps Historical HOF Class of 2024

MG Horatio Gates was a British-born American Army officer who served as a Continental Army general during the Revolutionary War's early years.  On General George Washington's recommendation, the Continental Congress made General Gates the first Adjutant General of the Continental Army in 1775.  MG Gates's previous wartime service in administrative posts was invaluable to the fledgling Colonial Army. As Adjutant, Horatio Gates created the Army's system of records and orders and helped standardize regiments from the various colonies.

Today, the Adjutant General's Corps and Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA) use a replica of the gold medal presented to Major General Gates by Congressional resolution to honor excellence in our members. The Major General Horatio Gates Gold and Bronze Medals are awarded for extraordinary achievements and service to the U.S. Army, AG Corps, and AGCRA.

LTC Charity Adams joined the Women’s Army Corps or “WACs” in 1942.  In September 1943, she was promoted to Major, making her one of the highest-ranking female officers at that time.  At the end of 1944, Adams was selected as the commanding officer of the first unit of WAC African Americans to go overseas. Her unit was the “Six Triple Eight” (6888th) Central Postal Directory Battalion. Their mission was to organize and direct mail to U.S. personnel which had gone undelivered. The women worked around the clock in three shifts, for eight hours per shift, seven days a week. They were tasked with clearing all the backlogged mail in six months but accomplished their goal in three.

For her performance and potential, Adams was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. This rank was the highest possible promotion for any woman in the Women’s Army Corps. LTC Adams was discharged from service in 1946, but she remained active in civic work and served on multiple boards. In 1982, she founded the Black Leadership Development Program (BLDP) in Dayton, Ohio, which continues to educate and train African Americans to be leaders in their communities.

Before her death on January 13, 2002, the Smithsonian National Postal Museum honored LTC Adams for her service with the “Six Triple Eight” during World War II.

AG Corps Distinguished Member of the Corps (DMOC)
Class of 2024

BG (Ret) Michaelene A. Kloster
BG Charlone E. Stallworth
BG Jennifer S. Walkawicz
COL Khanh T. Diep
COL Jason T. Edwards
COL Heidi M. Skelton-Riley
COL Megan B. Stallings
COL (Ret) Vincent C. Valley
LTC Treg E. Ancelet
LTC Jonathan Blanding
LTC Anthony S. Caristi
CW5 Louis C. Burge
CW5 (Ret) Michael G. Carroll
CW5 Jennie L. Elliott
CW5 Michael J. Falton
CW5 Russell J. Houser
CW5 Danyel G. Thompson
CW5 (Ret) Astra H. Williams
CW4 Williams Anaab
CW4 (Ret) Jeffrey A. Henson
CW4 Alexander D. Pinckney
CSM Deanna L. Czarnecki
CSM Tamika L. DeVeaux
SGM Kenyatta J. Gaskins
CSM Samara L. Pitre
SGM Tobey J. Whitney